BIZEOLCAT informs: what is gas flaring?
November 10, 2020
First-Principles-Based Multiscale Modelling of Nonoxidative Butane Dehydrogenation on Cr2O3(0001)
December 10, 2020


On 17th November 2020 h 12:30 Gual Aitor from EURECAT will present Bizeolcat Project at the UNPRECEDENTEDVirtualForum organized by  Fira Barcelona for the SemanaDeLaCiencia 2020.

The UNPRECEDENTED Virtual Forum highlights the most advanced proposals for the development of circular economy and  digital future based on technology transfer.

Bizeolcat will take part in the Tech Transfer Forum that aims to present innovative projects connecting companies with research groups and project funders.

The protagonists sectors are Sustainable construction, Food, Energy, Mobility since they make up the priority sectors of the Circular Economy Action Plan. All the projects are in an advanced phase so that companies, scientists and the community can carry out transfer.

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