6th Month Meeting of the BIZEOLCAT project
July 6, 2019
Bizeolcat at CIS 2019
October 22, 2019

Catalysts based on Zeolites supports

BiZeolCat aims to develop new catalysts based on Moderinite Framework Inverted (MFI) zeolites, that are charachterised by a high density of anchoring points for the grafting of active metals (except chromium due its toxicity) to improve the sustainability of the following light alkanes reactions:

  • Propane dehydrogenation in propylene (PDH)
  • Butane and butenes mixtures oxidative dehydrogenation (BODH)
  • Butane and butenes mixtures non-oxidative dehydrogenation (BDH)
  • Alkane (C1 to C4) aromatization

Series 1. Commercial MFI treated to increase the number of mesopores


Glad to show preliminary results for series 1 (figure 1) and series 2 (figure 2)

Three series of different MFI zeolites’ based supports will be developed and used:

  • Series 1. Commercial MFI samples treated to increase the number of anchoring sites
  • Series 2. MFI topology synthesized with Si/Al ratio 1:100 and crystal size approximately 1-3 microns
  • Series 3. MFI topology with stacked nanosheet morphology (2-4 unit cells thickness) and Si/Al ratio around 1 and 50

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